Dream Seeds that Give the Artist Fruit . . .

1 02 2009

Are they edible?

I thought of the words a poet friend of long ago sent to me – three fragments about the Voice of God, and the poems rang out in my mind as Speck and I journeyed onto the island of the Temple people.

As the waves rolled, and the moon beamed out, Dido sang to us a song.

Song of the Seed

A seed that gives you wings
Is made up of all number of things
It lives in the ocean’s of the heart
It can make your souls’ potion
It finds a place in the earth of the artist’s birth
And gives you some kind of worth
“I am oh my God but a tiny seed
which thou hast sowed in the soil of thy love
” (from Bahai Prayer)

Holidays Summer 2008-2009 935

Speck chirped along providing a backdrop for the song. His little chirp was itself like a tiny seed.

We came close to the shore, and it was time for Dido to leave us for a little while. We made our way to find the place where our seeds were. I thought about seeds that give us wings, and wondered were they might lie hid.

The Moreton bay figs that lined the shore began to chant using an Eastern scale. Ah such trees, to hide in, climb in, and to wonder at. I remembered all the trees of my life, the Pointsiana, Frangapani and apple orchards.

Apples – was it apple seeds I must find? Golden Delicious, Granny Smiths I could taste each apple as my heart named them. A tree that bears fruit was most likely what I sought, but I did not know what kind of fruit, because I did not know what fruit lay on this island.

Speck climbed into my pocket because the morning light was coming. My pocket is lined with a rainbow reptile carpet to make him comfortable. I knew he would rest awhile and now I must find them without his song- it was time to find my own.

As I walked deeper into the island, other trees sang to me of the Temple and the seeds that awaited me there. I heard distant giggles. I came across stairs leading to a river.


I came across a river leading to a cave.


I knew it was time to swim across to the cave, but waiting for me were the two sisters from the angel panel, looking into the river as if it was mirror.

“Sing our river a song”, said the younger looking one.
“And we will give you this mask let you pass,” her sister continued.


Where was Speck when you needed him that nocturnal creature?

to be continued….

(c) Words and Images Unity Bell
(c) Dream Seeds spark – Soul Food

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